ARTISTA EN RESIDENCIA Octubre 2019: Stephanie Rhode  (

Project: “The Moving House” 2019

Stephanie Rhode works in the public space. Her conceptual art, always deals with social, philosophical and historical questions. Her art has to do with the reflection of society and with her fundamental life issues.

The temporary installations show general, culturally valid values, which Rhode individually charges, with symbolic works and which ultimately has a different meaning for each viewer. Her photographs are series that continue to develop over the years.

Her works of art in the public space, as well as the photo and film series are dependent on external help and often create an inspiring interaction with the public, which allows her to create a " Localart- experience".

Rhode: ‘A recurring theme in my work is the symbol of a house. During the last few years I’ve been working with the theme 'House'. The explanation of the symbol ‘House’ is ambivalentand leaves room for multiple interpretations. My focus lies not in the intellectual understanding of the symbol, but in a deeper acknowledgement of underlying realities and personal meanings. For example, when one dreams about a house it may symbolize a return to the basic principles that they learned as a child. A second aspect in my work is repetition. Only after repetition man is able to realize and understand the simplicity of a certain event.’